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The Salted Caramel Set

The Salted Caramel Set

Regular price £12

24 Beautiful Medium Press on False Nails for Finger Tips


1. One full set of 24 high quality, individual press on nails.
2. Safe and high quality packaging.

Shape: Coffin

Length: Medium

Material: Acrylic
Colour: Salted Caramel Brown/White - Nude Base

10 sizes 0 - 9 and you will receive 2 of each of the below size

0: 18/19mm
1: 17mm
2: 16mm
3: 15mm
4: 14mm
5: 13mm
6: 12mm
7: 11mm
8: 10mm
9: 9mm

Includes: 24 pcs false nails, sticky adhesive tabs and nail glue.

• All photos are edited to be as accurate as possible in real life, both in bright light and low light. Colors may vary depending on lighting.
• No returns accepted due to custom fitting.